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BC-100 digital controller with LCD screen, which is easy to operate..

It can control LED lights with driving chips such as 74HC595, MB5026, DM134、DM135, SC16722, ZQ9712, etc.

BC-100-6803 digital controller is dedicated to control LED lights with chip LDP6803.

BC-100-DMX512 digital controller can control all LED lights which suits the DMX512/1990 standard interface.

These two controllers are compatible with protocol DMX512/1900. There are 30 modes such as “ static color” “ color jumping”, “color smooth, “ color flow”, “color chasing”, “entire color changing” etc, the changing modes and the control quantity can be preset at will, the running time, speed, etc. of every mode speed can be configured and saved separately & automatically.

Widely used for controlling LED digital tube, LED cluster, SMD follow spot flexible strip etc


Input VoltageDC9VDC9VDC9V
Output signal  SPI(TTL)LPD6803 special protocolDMX512/1990
Control Mode33 modes33 modes33 modes
Control Qty  30003000170
Product DimensionL160xW100xH50mmL160xW100xH50mmL160xW100xH50mm
Weight (G.W)500g500g500g


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